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Strongcoat DPM
Epoxy damp-proof membrane

Strongcoat DPM is a two-pack, solvent free epoxybased damp-proof membrane for use with the DCP range of surface coatings and toppings.


Strongcoat DPM suppresses residual construction moisture and rising dampness in concrete and sand/cement screeds and can be used in situations
where the relative humidity level is above 75%. It is applied by brush or roller in one or two coats depending on the relative humidity of the floor.


On grit blasted and textured surfaces, approximately 3.5m² per Kg for the first coat and up to 5m2 per Kg for the second coat. Coverage figures will vary according to the texture, porosity and evenness of the surface on which the Strongcoat DPM is being applied.


10 and 5Kg

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Strongcoat DPM
Strongcoat DPM
Strongcoat DPM