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Strongcoat HB
High-build epoxy floor coating

Strongcoat HB is a two-pack, solvent free, epoxy-based coating, which provides floor surfaces with a seamless, hygienic and cosmetically attractive finish.
Strongcoat HB is applied by brush or roller in two coats and has very good durability towards pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It also has very good resistance towards many of the chemicals commonly found in an industrial environment (consult our Technical Department for further details).


Strongcoat HB can be supplied in a variety of colours (consult our Sales Department for further details).
Slip resistant finishes can be produced for very demanding situations.


Approximately 4m² per Kg at the specified coating thickness. This coverage figure is based on application to a smooth dense surface. Coverage figures will vary according to the texture, porosity and evenness of the surface on which the Strongcoat HB is being applied.


10kg and 5kg

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Strongcoat HB
Strongcoat HB
Strongcoat HB
Strongcoat HB