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DonFiber ST Type I
High performance steel fi bers with hooked ends (Formerly known as ST Fiber Type I)
  • Significantly reduces the risk of plastic shrinkage cracking.
  • Provides three-dimensional reinforcement.
  • Increases fatigue and abrasion resistance.
  • Increases overall durability, and flexural bending strength.
  • Increases impact and dynamic load resistance.
  • Economical solution.

DonFiber ST Type I is steel wire filaments with hooked ends. DonFiber ST Type I is suitable for use with all types of concrete mixes to enhanced flexural reinforcement, improve shear strength and control temperature and shrinkage cracks.

  • Slab on grade.
  • Parking areas.
  • Precast concrete.
  • Water tanks.
  • Pavements.
  • Shotcrete.
  • Composite decks.

DonFiber ST Type I is available in 44 lb (20 kg) bags.


The recommended dosage of DonFiber ST Type I is 17 to 100 lb. per yd³ of concrete (10 - 59 kg per m³).

Representatiive trials should be conducted to determine the optimum dosage of DonFiber ST Type I to meet the performance requirements by using the materials and conditions in actual use.


DonFiber ST Type I complies with the requirements of Standard Specification for Steel Fibers for Fiber- Reinforced Concrete ASTM A820 as a Type I.

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DonFiber ST Type I
DonFiber ST Type I