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Donplast AF1
Alkali-free sprayed concrete accelerator (Formerly known as Flocrete AF1)
  • Rapid setting; allows thick sections to be built-up.
  • Alkaline free.
  • Minimum rebound.
  • Single-pass spraying for thick layers.
  • Excellent for overhead applications.
  • Can be used for 'wet and dry' processes.

Donplast AF1 is a set accelerating, alkaline and chloride free admixture used for sprayed concrete, shotcrete and gunite processes.


Donplast AF1 is suitable for several wet and dry shotcrete applications such as:

  • Inner lining.
  • Initial and permanent support of surfaces in underground spaces.
  • Slope and rock stabilization.
  • Repair and renovation work.

Donplast AF1 is available in 5 gal (19 litre) containers as well as 275 gal (1,041 litre) and 330 gal (1,249 litre) IBC totes. Bulk supply in tanker trucks is also available upon request.


The optimum dosage for Donplast AF1 to meet specific requirements should be determined by trials using the materials and conditions experienced in actual use, and this will determine the optimum dosage to be used and ensure the most cost effective site application.

The typical dosage range for Donplast AF1 is 77 to 108 fl oz/100 Ib (5,005 to 7,020 ml/100 kg) of cementitious and cement replacement material by weight, including PFA, GGBFS or micro-silica.


Donplast AF1 complies with ASTM C1141, as Type I and II, Grade 9.

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Donplast AF1
Donplast AF1