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DCP Construction Materials Since 1927

DCP has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative construction materials for civil engineering and general construction since 1927.

We have accumulated extensive experience in manufacturing specialty chemicals and construction materials over the years and are renowned for our innovation and problem solving, as well as our quality products.

DCP has operations in North America, Europe, Africa Middle East, and Asia, with 15 manufacturing locations and a distribution network to over 35 countries.

DCP offers expertise, quality, and a complete range of construction materials. 

Specifications Tools
DCP Mobile App
Product selector
With such a wide range of tile adhesives, grouts, waterproofing, joint treatment, and concrete repair products available it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your application.

Download the DCP app and find out which product you should be using.
DCP Mobile App
Color selector
Ensure you choose a grout that matches your application perfectly. Upload a picture of your tile or use one of the presets to visualize what the grout color will look like when applied.

Download the DCP app and take the guesswork out of grout color selection.
DCP Mobile App
Quantity calculator
Calculate the quantity of tile adhesive, grout, or joint sealant you will need for your application. Simply enter in your unique specifications and the DCP Mobile App will do the rest.

Download the DCP app to avoid the frustration of purchasing incorrect quantities.