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DCP Seminar: Advances in Waterproofing and Building Finishes

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Cementitious and Advanced Waterproofing Solutions

The seminar spotlighted a wide range of waterproofing systems that will prevent water damage and keep the structural integrity of the buildings. Starting with the foundational cementitious waterproofing, a reliable method for structures requiring durable and resilient moisture barriers. Cement based waterproofing is most suitable for use for basement walls, foundation walls and water retaining structures. The other benefit of this type of waterproofing product is how cost effective it is as a solution for application. 

We continued our discussion with acrylic and polyurethane waterproofing solutions.  Our technical department colleagues showed many options for different construction needs, including flexibility, UV resistance, and chemical protection. Note it's important to understand your waterproofing applications to choose the right solution for your needs.

Introducing DCP's Building Finishing Products

Our DCP team introduced building finishing products that aim to improve interior and exterior finishes. The best products showcased were Cemcoat Putty and Doncoat. Cemcoat Putty is great for fixing imperfections on different surfaces. Doncoat is a ready-to-use plaster that creates a smooth surface for painting and can fill small cracks in walls. These products exemplify DCP's commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with functional durability, catering to the nuanced needs of modern construction projects.

Our team also presented three other products: Donfill Joint, Highcoat and Keybond 2000. Donfill Joint is a flexible compound designed to prevent cracks in gypsum boards. Highcoat is a decorative paint specifically made for vibrant indoor surfaces. Keybond 2000 is a PVA bonding agent. It is useful for improving the adhesion of construction materials. It can be used as a primer or admixture.

These innovations reflect DCP's dedication to advancing building finish technologies, providing construction professionals with solutions that ensure both beauty and longevity in their work. We showcased each product for its unique properties and applications, emphasizing DCP's commitment to quality and innovation in building finishes for both interior and exterior applications.

Repelicone K & L: Revolutionizing Protective Coatings

DCP's experts showcased Repelicone K & L, innovative solutions for protecting stone and concrete. They improve water resistance and withstand different weather conditions on various construction materials.

Repelicone K, a water-based silicone, offers immediate and effective protection for materials such as natural stone, clay, and gypsum-based products, making it ideal for a wide range of applications from architectural elements to decorative items.

Repelicone L is a type of liquid coating protection for vertical surfaces and steep slopes. You can use it on concrete, stone, and mineral paints. Our customers also use it to stop rising damp and as a primer for outdoor paints.

DCP is committed to improving construction materials, providing solutions that protect their appearance and durability against the environment. Repelicone K & L demonstrate how the company addresses the diverse requirements of the construction industry. They achieve this by enhancing the durability and aesthetic appeal of materials.

Seminar Goals: Education and Empowerment

The seminar had two main goals. The first goal was to introduce construction professionals to DCP's new finishing products. The second goal was to provide them with technical information to assist in using and implementing these products.

The event aimed to improve people's understanding of DCP's waterproofing solutions. This would help them in selecting the appropriate insulation products for their projects.

A Platform for Knowledge and Growth

The seminar helped people learn about new waterproofing and building finish trends and technologies, not just product introductions. DCP is assisting industry professionals in construction by providing a variety of traditional and modern solutions. These solutions equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in a competitive market.

Looking Forward

As the construction industry continues to evolve, DCP remains at the forefront, committed to innovation and excellence. The seminar in Amman demonstrates how DCP assists professionals in the construction industry. Our company provides them with the necessary tools and knowledge to address current challenges.

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