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Marketing Materials

Download brochures and product information sheets for DCP construction products and materials to find out more about how our products can be used.

Please contact us if there is any additional product information you may require.

Concrete Admixtures
DCP Concrete Admixtures Brochure
Final OTV - Concrete.pdf
DCP Concrete Fibers Technology
DCP Concrete Fibers Technology - 11.10.2022 (002).pdf
Flooring Systems
Modern Flooring Brochure
Flooring Brochure_4.pdf
AquaSure Hot-applied rubberised asphalt waterproofing membrane

Confident in our product, DCP offers a minimum 25-year warranty on AquaSure.

General Materials
PU Technology

Polyurethane (PU) is a material that has a unique chemical nature and composition which make it extremely versatile and allow it to exist in various forms. It can be shaped and moulded to serve a

PU Technology Brochure.pdf