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Flocrete W55

Integral waterproofing admixture

Flocrete W55 is liquid concrete waterproofing admixture formulated from selected polymers specially designed to reduce the concrete water permeability by reducing capillary voids within the concrete, which will last for the life of the concrete.

Flocrete W55_Summer.pdf
Flocrete W55_Winter.pdf
  • Minimizing segregation problems by improving cohesion.
  • Improved workability reduces placing and compaction problems.
  • More durable concrete due to lower permeability.
  • To produce concrete with lower permeability.
  • For water retaining structures and concrete substructures.

Flocrete W55 shelf life is 12 months if stored at temperatures between 2°C and 50°C.


The guidance dosage of Flocrete W55 is 0.50 - 0.80 litres/100 kg of cementitious materials in the mix, including GGBFS, PFA or microsilica.

Representative trials should be conducted to determine the optimum dosage of Flocrete W55 to meet the performance requirements by using the materials and conditions in actual use.