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Hyperplast PC200

High performance concrete superplasticiser (Formerly known as Flocrete PC200)

Hyperplast PC200 is a high performance super plasticising admixture based on polycarboxylic polymers with long chains specially designed to enable the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively.

This effect can be used in high strength concrete and flowable concrete mixes, to achieve highest concrete durability and performance.

Hyperplast PC200_6.pdf
  • Optimises cement utilization.
  • High density and impermeable concrete through very high water reduction.
  • Improves shrinkage and creep behaviors.
  • Minimises segregation and bleeding problems by improving cohesion.
  • Higher early and ultimate compressive strengths.
  • Increases durability and resistance to aggressive atmospheric conditions thorough reduced permeability.
  • High strength and high performance concrete.
  • Structures with congested reinforcement.
  • Pre-cast concrete.
  • Improved cohesion allow for use in mass concrete pours and piling.
  • Self compacting concrete.

The guidance dosage of Hyperplast PC200 is 0.50 - 2.50 litre/100 kg of cementitious materials in the mix, including GGBFS, PFA or microsilica.

Representative trials should be conducted to determine the optimum dosage of Hyperplast PC200 to meet the performance requirements by using the materials and conditions in actual use.