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Flocrete RPC25
High performance, retarding and water reducing admixture
  • Improved workability, reduces placing and compaction problems.
  • Cold joints can be avoided by extending initial and final concrete setting time.
  • Higher strength with same cement content.
  • Cement saving without affecting strength.
  • More durable concrete as a result of reduction in permeability and lower water to cement ratio.

Flocrete RPC25 is formulated from selected polymers specially designed to enable the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively.

This effect can be used to improve workability, to increase ultimate strengths or to facilitate a reduction in the cement content while sustaining mix properties. Flocrete RPC25 has retarding property, this effect can be used overcome transportation delay problems and where long setting time is required.

  • Long concrete deliveries.
  • Hot weather concreting.
  • Where high workability retention and retardation are required.
  • To produce high quality concrete of improved durability and water tightness.
  • To improve cohesion in concrete mixes.

Flocrete RPC25 is available in 25 litre pails, 210 litre drums and 1000 litre bulks supply.


The recommended dosage of Flocrete RPC25 is 0.20 to 1.20 litre per 100 kg of cementitious materials in the mix, including GGBFS, PFA or microsilica.

Representative trials should be conducted to determine the optimum dosage of Flocrete RPC25 to meet the performance requirements by using the materials and conditions in actual use.


Flocrete RPC25 complies with ASTM C494 Type B and D.

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Flocrete RPC25
Flocrete RPC25