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Setseal PU100®

Water based, matte polyurethane sealer

Setseal PU100 is a clear, non-yellowing, two-component, water-based polyurethane matte sealer designed to protect and seal Cemflow screeds and concrete surfaces, providing an abrasion resistant, hygienic and durable floor. The application of Setseal PU100 helps to protect the floor surface and ease maintenance by reducing the adhesion of dirt and other debris, whilst eliminating dusting.
Setseal PU100 can also be used as sealer over existing epoxy/polyurethane flooring systems, to improve slip and abrasion resistance, as well as provide an anti-stain matte finish. Setseal PU100 cures by a chemical crosslinking reaction, providing durability, toughness and chemical resistance that far exceeds that of one-component acrylic or polyurethane sealers.

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Setseal PU100 - Base_SDS.pdf
Setseal PU100 - Hardener_SDS.pdf
  • Excellent UV stability, non-yellowing.
  • Provides a slip resistant matte finish.
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  • Low VOC content, and low odour.
  • Resistant to many of the chemicals commonly found in industrial applications.
  • Water based, environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • High bond strength to porous and non-porous substrates.
  • Excellent water and stain resistance, prevents penetration of oils and liquids.
  • Excellent resistance to dust and dirt pick up.

Setseal PU100 is designed to seal a variety of Cemflow, Strongcoat and Griptop flooring systems, as well as screeds in the following:

  • Retail spaces such as stores and showrooms.
  • Health care facilities such as hospitals and clinics.
  • Business facilities such as offices and lobbies.
  • Museums, theatres and shopping malls.
  • Educational premises such as universities, schools and colleges.
  • Industrial facilities such as warehouses, production, maintenance and assembly areas.
  • General food processing and manufacturing plants.

On porous absorbent surfaces, Setseal PU100 should be diluted 1:3 with water and applied as a primer at a rate of 400 ft²/gal (9.8 m²/litre) of diluted material. Subsequent coats should be applied neat.

The typical coverage of subsequent coats is 400 ft²/gal (9.8 m²/litre) litre of neat material.
Note: Coverage rates are approximate and will vary according to amount of overcoating during application and substrate porousity. Each subsequent coat will generally require less material.

Setseal PU100 is available in 1.3 gal (5 liter) kits. Other package sizes may be available upon request.

Setseal PU100 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in dry conditions at temperatures between 40 - 85°F (5 - 30°C), in original unopened containers and under good conditions. The effectiveness of this product may be adversely affected if these conditions are exceeded. DCP Technical Department should be contacted for advise.