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Setsoil DC

Soil stabilising and dust controlling acrylic based emulsion, suitable for all types of soil

Setsoil DC is a polymer based dispersion specifically designed to stabilise various types of soil, control dust and prevent soil erosion. When applied to any soil, Setsoil DC will penetrate deep into the soil infusing with the soil particles, and form a protective layer that is water resistant.
Setsoil DC imparts remarkable stabilization and durability properties to the soil, rendering it usable and suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It is economical, nontoxic and environmentally sound.

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  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Better road vision.
  • Longer lasting roads.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Water and UV resistant.
  • Simple, easy and fast application.
  • Long term cost effectiveness.
  • Odour free.
  • Increases CBR value of soil.

The concentrated product is diluted with water and applied either by mechanical soil infusion or by spraying application, to create a sturdy and flexible topical sealant, or a rigid and stable sub-base terrain.

Typical application areas include:

  • Dust suppression and emission control.
  • Slope erosion control.
  • Path and trail stabilizer.
  • Quarry areas.
  • Aircraft runway stabilizers.
  • Military bases.
  • Construction sites.

Liquid is available in 6.6 Gal (25 litre) Jerry can and 55 gal (208 litre) drum.
Setsoil DC is also available in 275 gal (1,041 litre) IBC bulks which can be easily loaded on the back of trucks and attached to hoses for direct application or can be poured into water trucks.


Storage of unopened container should be in a clean area, above 50oF (10oC) and away from direct sunlight. Do not allow the product to freeze.
Avoid long term storage at temperatures in excess of 113oF (45oC).

Liquid is stable for one year in its original packaging.
Liquid is stable for one year after opening the container if stored properly between 41 - 77oF (5 - 25oC) in a closed container. Any deviation from these conditions will reduce the shelf life.