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Project Info
Supplied Products:
Concrete Repair

Task at Hand

Castello Precast is a leading Bulgarian contractor that predominantly operates in the precast industry. The company provides expertise in the development, engineering, design and build of industrial buildings and facilities. Castello Precast fabricates all the precast products and reinforced concrete elements in their own facilities, maintaining the highest quality control in every step of the production process.

Despite the high standards in the manufacturing of beams, columns, reinforced concrete panels, etc., Castello encountered problems with small holes and pores on the surface of the elements, as well as with minor areas of honeycombed concrete.

For example, the roof elements they produce are up to 36 m long. On the other hand, investors are very demanding of the visible surface of the elements and with such a large surface area they encountered problems with obtaining a fair face. Castello needed a solution to the problem, and they were searching for a fine and easy to apply material with low shrinkage, that does not differ too much from the colour of concrete. They were trying different materials but they were not satisfied from the products they used.

DCP Solution

DCP offers systems for concrete repair and have a rich number of products for every case in concrete repair. The particular solution that DCP technical team offered is fairing coat for filling minor blow holes and defects, and for repairing surface imperfections.

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