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Stamped Concrete

Tools and Equipment

1. Concrete Preparation

  • The formwork should be in place and set to the correct levels
  • 12 mm long PP Fiber should be added to the concrete mix at rate of 0.60 kg/m3of concrete and mixed for 5 minutes
  • The concrete mix shall be poured into the prepared area and leveled by stainless steel straight edge. After that, concrete is floated using a float

2. Application of Monotop

  • After that concrete has been floated, it is ready to receive the coloured hardener (Monotop).
  • The right  time to spread Monotop on concrete surface is when light foot traffic leaves an imprint of about 3 - 6 mm.
  • Spread Monotop at a rate of 3 - 5 kg/m2 in two stages evenly across the surface, this is done at two stages.
  • As a first stage, spread two thirds of the required quantity of Monotop onto the concrete surface and allow the material to absorb moisture from the concrete
  • When the slab has an even, solid colour appearance, which means it has absorbed moisture well, the surface should be floated using magnesium bull float
  • The remaining quantity of Monotop is applied evenly onto the surface and shall be floated as again
  • Final troweling of the colored concrete surface using a  steel trowel can also be done to produce a smoother and flatter surface.

3. Application of Monorelease

  • Prior to stamping, the prepared floor should be covered with Monorelease at a rate of 5 - 7 m2/kg, which acts is a release agent to facilitate matts’ release from the concrete.
  • Using a reference line, begin by placing the first mats using this line and move across the slab. When stamping, the mats should be tamped using a special pounder without delay

  • After stamping is complete, and the stamps are removed, excess Monorelease should be brushed off and then cleaned using pressurized water


4. Application of Monoseal

  • The slab must be completely dry and free from any dust before the sealer coat is applied
  • The surface must be sealed using Monoseal. The first coat should be applied at a rate of 6 – 10 m2 per litre using roller or air less spraying machine
  • Leave Monoseal for 24 hours and see how the texture and colour shines

Detailing and Repairing of Stamped Concrete

  • Detailing and repairing works should be done once the excess Monorelease has been removed
  • Monotop allows the concrete floor to remain plastic after 3 days and it is the ideal time to do any detail or repair work