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Cempatch SBR100
Liquid polymer bonding agent for cement containing mixes
  • Successfully increases the bonding/adhesion of cement mixes.
  • Effective plasticiser giving improved workability and cohesion.
  • Improved mechanical and physical properties by increasing tensile, flexural and adhesive strengths.
  • Good freeze/thaw resistance.
  • Chloride free.

Cempatch SBR100 is a one component styrene butadiene rubber latex bonding agent. Cempatch SBR100 is designed to improve the physical properties of cement mixes and slurries.


Cempatch SBR100 is ideally designed for use in the following applications:

  • Bonding of new to old concrete when used as a slurry coat.
  • To produce various traditional cement/sand adhesive mortars such as block mortar, plaster/render and tile adhesive.
  •  To produce a mechanical key prior to rendering of various plaster mixes on concrete, brick and block surfaces.

Cempatch SBR100 is available in 5, 25 and 200 litre drums.


Cempatch SBR100 complies with:

  • ASTM C1059-99, Type 1, when tested in accordance with test method ASTM C1042.
  • ASTM C932, for bond strength.
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Cempatch SBR100
Cempatch SBR100
Cempatch SBR100