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Setseal 6

Multi–purpose concrete curing compound

Setseal 6 is a single component, ready to use acrylic resin based concrete curing compound designed to impregnate concrete surfaces, combining the benefits of a curing aid, dust–sealer and hardener.

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Setseal 6 produces a thin membrane to the concrete surface, which protects the construction from rapid evaporation, making it less prone to crack.
Setseal 6 impregnates into the concrete surface and seals micro cracks, aiding to create a dust–free concrete surface with minimum maintenance requirements. Setseal 6 increases surface abrasion and resistance to dirt, water, oils, and other chemicals.

Rapid evaporation increases surface tensions – a common reason for surface flaking and cracks in the concrete floor. Escaped water increases the amount of unreacted cement, leading to surfaced efflorescence and reduced compressive strength of the construction.

Setseal 6 is used with dry shake floor hardeners Monoshake, TIBMIX 700, TIBMIX 450 and TIBMIX to construct high quality dust–free and abrasion resistant industrial concrete floors. Setseal 6 can also be used to cure plain concrete.

The recommended coverage rate is 5 - 12 m2/ ltr, depending on the substrate quality, absorption and material losses.

Setseal 6 is available in 25 litre containers and 200 litre drums.

Setseal 6 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in closed containers above freezing (0°C) under dry, well ventilated warehouse conditions out of direct sunlight and away from naked flames or other sources of ignition.

Setseal 6 complies with EN 13813, Class SR-B1.5 and EN 1504-2.