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Williams F1 Headquarters

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Williams F1
PSC Flooring
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Task at Hand

A refurbishment project was initiated for the interior areas of the company headquarters aiming to change toilets and shower facilities of approximately 300 m² area into a usable office space. This refurbishment and upgrading work required a screed material designed as a levelling base screed to be applied at high thicknesses under most finished floor coverings or resin-based materials when upgrading and renovating new and existing internal floors.

The previous use of the area as toilets and shower facilities left large cavities in the floor, rending it unsuitable for receiving the new floor coverings. Rather than replacing the concrete floor, the upgrading and refurbishment of the floor areas were carried out using DCP’s high quality self-levelling screed Cemflow Renovation.

For the refurbishment work, it was vital to reduce the downtime to the minimum, and offer a level, hard, and durable screed whilst saving the cost of a new concrete substrate. Cemflow Renovation is a rapid drying, fibre-reinforced self-levelling screed which can be laid between 5 mm and 50 mm thickness. This reliable screeding solution of the highest specification covered an area of approximately 300 m² ensuring that all areas are repaired and levelled while reducing the project program and leaving the most suitable base layer to host the carpet floor coverings the next day to provide an esthetically pleasing environment for the workers.

After the preparation and repair work was complete, the floor area was first primed using DCP’s “Cemflow Primer” to provide excellent adhesion between fresh Cemflow Renovation and the hardened concrete. “Cemflow Primer” is a single-component polymeric primer designed to promote the adhesion of cement-based levelling compounds. It is also used as a pore sealer on absorbent surfaces to prevent air release from the subfloor, which can cause pin-holing on the surface of the applied floor topping.

Cemflow Primer” was diluted with clean potable water and applied in two coats. After the primer is allowed to dry, “Cemflow Renovation” was mixed in the proportion of 25 kg of powder to 4.0 – 4.5 litres of potable water. The mixed material was hand applied onto the prepared surface at 10 mm thickness in one pass only. The subsequent carpet floor coverings were ready to be installed after 24 hrs and the floor refurbishment was completed by the agreed 4 days deadline. DCP Cemflow Renovation also carries the EMICODE label, certifying it as a low-emission, sustainable flooring solution.

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