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180 The Strand

Project Info
Chipperfield Architects
Maslens Ltd
Supplied Products:
Flooring Systems

Task at Hand

The offices of David Chipperfield Architects in 180 The Strand required refurbished. 180 Strand, originally designed by noted architect Sir Frederick Gibberd in 1971-76, has been reimagined as a creative hub to foster and connect creatives, entrepreneurs, dynamic thinkers, and cultural explorers. Featuring exhibition spaces, offices, restaurants, bars, and a rooftop pool. PROJECT REQUIREMENT The client was aiming for a polished concrete floor; however, due to the construction of the building, a polished concrete floor was not possible. As an alternative, Maslens, the flooring contractor, recommended Cemflow Topping Pigmented as a special flooring solution for the upgrading and refurbishment work of their offices, it was used as a concrete overlay to cover an area of more than 3000 m².


DCP offered its flooring system comprising two coats of DCP Neoprene Primer; to provide the required adhesion and reduce the permeability of the floor, Cemflow Topping Pigmented; an industrial-grade, coloured, self-smoothing floor topping for upgrading and renovating new and existing internal floors, and Cemflow Sealer; a clear matte polyurethane sealer designed to protect and seal Cemflow screeds and concrete surfaces. 

The excellent qualities of Cemflow Topping Pigmented provided the client with a required floor in terms of look and performance for many years to come. Cemflow Topping Pigmented was put forward as an alternative product, achieving a similar look to polished concrete while being installed as a 10 mm coating over the existing substrate. Cemflow Topping Pigmented will easily provide a flat, smooth floor being able to take incredibly high levels of traffic and wear for such a commercial environment, making it the ideal choice to provide an aesthetic finish, hygienic, and durable floor. It is also significantly more cost-effective and time beneficial compared to polished concrete floors.

DCP Cemflow Topping also carries the EMICODE label, certifying it as a low-emission, sustainable flooring solution. This label classification advises consumers, craftsmen, and architects to decide which floor materials offer maximum safety against indoor air pollution, optimum health protection, and high environmental compatibility.

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