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Formcoat F200®

Premium oil-based, diesel free form release agent

Formcoat F200 is a premium ready for use, diesel-free, VOC compliant, oil-based concrete form release agent. It effectively prevents the bonding of concrete to most types of formwork ensuring high quality, fair faced and stain free concrete with excellent surface finish.

Formcoat F200_TDS_8.pdf
Formcoat F200_SDS_2.pdf
  • Easy release, reduces damage to concrete surface and improves finish.
  • Minimizes surface blemishes and staining.
  • Improves fair-faced concrete quality.
  • Helps reduce dusting of concrete.
  • Reduces opportunity of damage to formwork.
  • Extends formwork usable life.
  • Minimizes cleaning of formwork before re-use.
  • Inhibits corrosion of steel formwork.
  • VOC compliant.

Formcoat F200 is used as a release agent for most types of formwork including plywood, steel, aluminum, plastic and treated paper forms, allowing for easy stripping of formwork and improving concrete finish.

Steel, plastic, fiber glass, high density plywood:
1600 – 2400 ft²/gal (40 – 60 m²/litre).
Striated plywood, timber wood:
1000 - 1400 ft²/gal (25 - 35 m²/litre).
Coverage rates depends on type, quality and absorp􀆟 on
of formwork. Non-absorbent surfaces require a single
applica􀆟 on. New, unsealed, 􀆟 mber surfaces may need
recoa􀆟 ng if the fi rst applica􀆟 on is absorbed into the
􀆟 mber.

Formcoat F200 is available in 1 gal (3.8 liter), 5 gal (19 liter), 55 gal (208 liter), 275 gal (1041 liter) containers.

Formcoat F200 should be stored under a shaded area at a minimum ambient temperature of 41°F (5°C).
Formcoat F200 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in proper conditions and sealed drums. The effectiveness of this product may be adversely affected if these conditions are exceeded. DCP Technical Department should be contacted for advise.

Compliant with all U.S and Canadian regulations for VOC of concrete form release agents, including Federal EPA, SCAQMD. OTC, LADCO & CARB.