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Formcoat WB125®

Water-based, biodegradable formwork release agent

Formcoat WB125 is premium quality and environmentally safe formwork release agent based on organic vegetable oils. It is ready for use, 100% biologically degradable, chemically reactive and soluble in water. Also contains special corrosion inhibitor additives.
Formcoat WB125 ensures high quality, fair faced and stain-free concrete with an excellent surface finish.

Formcoat WB125_TDS_3.pdf
Formcoat WB125_SDS.pdf
  • 100% natural organic chemical release agent biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally-safe.
  • Used for direct and delayed-release for all types of concrete.
  • Non-staining release for architectural concrete.
  • Helps prevent blowholes, pinholes, bug holes and air voids.
  • Leaves no residue on concrete after formworks are stripped.
  • Solvent-free does not contain diesel oil, kerosene, waxes or silicones.
  • Ready-to-use, easy to work.
  • Formcoat WB125 is a release agent for wooden, plastic and metal molds. It is ideal for use in concrete precast plants.
  • Formcoat WB125 provides easy formworks stripping, produces concrete surfaces that are stain-free, smooth and non-dusting and minimizes form clean-up time and maintenance costs.

1,020 to 2,445 ft² per gal (25 to 60 m²/litre) depending on formwork types and type of application.

Formcoat WB125 is available in 5 gal (19 litre) containers as well as 275 gal (1,041 litre) and 330 gal (1,249 litre) IBC totes. Bulk supply in tanker trucks is also available upon request.

Formcoat WB125 has a shelf life of 9 months from the date of manufacture if stored in proper conditions and sealed drums. The effectiveness of this product may be adversely affected if these conditions are exceeded. DCP Technical Department should be contacted for advise. Formcoat WB125 should be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight between 41˚F to 95˚F (5˚C and 35°C).

Compliant with all U.S and Canadian regulations for VOC of concrete form release agents, including Federal EPA, SCAQMD. OTC, LADCO & CARB.