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Quickmast Anchor AE15®

Epoxy acrylate anchoring system in cracked and uncracked concrete under seismic conditions (C1) (Formerly known as Keyfix AE15)

Quickmast Anchor AE15 is high strength, fast cure, styrene free, epoxy acrylate resin anchoring grout supplied in a pre-packed cartridge system.

It is suitable for use with different type of substrates such as cracked concrete, uncracked concrete, solid and hollow masonry, hard natural stone, solid rock, voided stone or rock.

Quickmast Anchor AE15 is available in three different grades depending on the installation environment:

  • Quickmast Anchor AE15: Standard grade
  • Quickmast Anchor AE15-T: for high-temperature environments
  • Quickmast Anchor AE15-W: for cold-temperature environments
Quickmast Anchor AE15_TDS_1.pdf
Quickmast Anchor AE15 Base_SDS_0.pdf
Quickmast Anchor AE15 Hardener_SDS_0.pdf
Quickmast Anchor AE15_MS.pdf
  • Suitable for dry, wet and flooded holes.
  • Use standard sealant application gun.
  • Exceptional rapid strength development.
  • Styrene free.
  • Resistant to dynamic loading.
  • Exceptional bond to concrete and steel surfaces.
  • High ultimate and early strengths.
  • Low waste, reusable and easily recycled cartridge.

Quickmast Anchor AE15 is ideally designed for use in the following applications:

  • Structural applications in cracked and non cracked concrete.
  • Permanent installation of reinforcing and starter bars.
  • Suspended ventilation systems.
  • Safety barriers.
  • Machinery and heavy machinery.
  • Racking.
  • Rolling cranes.

Quickmast Anchor AE15 is available in 10.1 fl . oz. (300 ml).

Quickmast Anchor AE15 has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture if stored in its original packaging, the correct way up and in cool dry conditions at temperatures between 40°F - 75°F (5°C - 25°C) out of direct sunlight.
The technical properties and usages of this product may be adversely affected if these conditions are exceeded. Technical Department should be contacted for advise.

Quickmast Anchor AE15 complies with the following standards:

  • ETA according ETAG 001, Part 5, Option 1 for anchoring of threaded bars into cracked and uncracked concrete, and under seismic conditions (C1).
  • EOTA according to TR023 for post-installed rebar connections.
  • ETA according to ETAG029 for masonry installations.
  • WRAS - Approved Material.
  • Fire resistance F120.