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Enigma and Centrum Park (luxurious apartments & villas)

concrete admixtures for high performance and high grade concrete
Project Info
lndiabulls Real Estate
Arcop Associates Private Limited
lndiabulls Construction limited
Project location/County:
Supplied Products:
Concrete Admixtures

Task at Hand

The project at lndiabulls demanded tough performance criterion, in high temperatures of Delhi summer. lndiabulls requested a mix design with stone dust, asking for a single solution for different Grades of concrete from M25 to M40, in SNF based admixture for one project and PCE based admixture for another project. The project would require the concrete to have a pump-able workability after retention of 120 minutes at 35°C. A proper design and high performance solution was requested at the available condition.

  • Cement - Wonder OPC 53 grade
  • 20 mm, 10 mm Coarse Aggregates and Stone dust from Kotputli
  • Fly Ash - NTPC Badarpur
  • Temperature range 35°C - 45°C

Area Covered

Approximately 190,000m2 of total concrete requiredfor both the projects.

DCP Solution

The technical team at Don Construction Products (DCP) suggested high performance admixtures under name Hyperplast and Supaflo to the client with concrete workability and strength meeting the requirements. A study of materials and their properties with mock-up trials were conducted on-site and planned to arriveat optimum solution. Hyperplast PC711 was recommended to be used at 0.6% to 1% by weight of cement. Also, Supaflo R3at 1% - 1.4% by weight of cement.