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Amman Bus Rapid Transit System, Package III

Project Info
Greater Amman Municipality
Greater Amman Municipality
Haddadin Engineering Co. for Contracting
Ahlia Specialized Engineering Co.
Project location/County:
Supplied Products:
Protective Coatings

Task at Hand

The Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) is a transportation project designed to connect Sweileh circle with the previously constructed BRT lane. A 683-meter long bridge was constructed so vehicles can travel from Sweileh to Yajouz without being affected by the BRT System. DCP was contacted to help address the need for a protective coating to be used on the bridge to protect it against possible carbon dioxideattacks that result from cars’ exhausts.


To address the problem, the technical team at DCP Jordan recommended the use of the acrylic based elastomeric micro-porous protective anti-carbonation coating system Repcoat for effective protection against carbon dioxide, airborne chlorides and acid rain attacks. Repcoat provides exceptional weathering resistance, crack bridging properties and waterproofing characteristics. It is used as both a protective and decorative coating.

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