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Armani Caffé - Hamad International Airport

Project Info
Hamad International Airport
Imar Group Qatar
Construction Materials Trading Company - CMTC
Project location/County:
Supplied Products:
Flooring Systems

Task at Hand

Emporio Armani Caffé brings the sophisticated simplicity that characterizes the brand to the world of food and beverages. The client requested a decorative flooring system for the recent Hamad International Airport Armani café project with a customized design providing a natural aesthetic appearance for the floor, while maintaining a durable, non-slip, seamless, chemical resistant and hard-wearing finish.

Terrazzo flooring is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly options available. It is frequently referred to as the first environmentally friendly flooring option. Water, fire, chemical spillage, and other stain concerns are all avoided with terrazzo coatings.


With Strongcoat Terrazzo, DCP was able to provide a high-quality flooring solution that satisfied the project’s requirements in terms of excellent compressive and tensile strength, Shore Hardness, and chemical resistance especially for chemicals, detergents or cleaning compounds usually found in coffee shops and restaurants.

Strongcoat Terrazzo is a solvent-free seamless decorative flooring system made of a highly durable and pigmented epoxy resin that can be mixed with a wide variety of synthetic or natural aggregates to produce a durable and decorative epoxy terrazzo flooring system. The system uses an epoxy matrix to bind aggregates and enable a system that creates a smooth and luxurious floor finish.

With its countless design options and infinite modification capabilities, this elegant and classic flooring finish will give the floor the necessary beautiful, natural appearance while also giving the advantage of reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs.

The substrates were initially primed with Strongcoat UN101; Subsequently, the resin was blended with the aggregates. Once the mixing process was complete, the mixed Strongcoat Terrazzo mortar was applied to the primed surface and compacted to achieve the desired thickness.

After 24 hours curing period, mechanical dry grinding was performed in slow circular motion to achieve a smooth and level surface for the applied Strongcoat Terrazzo, This process also allowed the aggregate to become more visible. Following the dry grinding, a grout coat of Strongcoat Terrazzo neat resin was applied over the entire surface ensuring it fills all pinholes, pits, and voids, a polishing step was then carried out using wet grinding in order to elevate the epoxy terrazzo’s finish from matte to glossy.

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